Data Engineering

We can transform all your raw data into useful insights that will help with your business decisions.

In the data age, it’s necessary to have someone on your team who can give added value to all the information that is generated every day.

Everyone talks about the importance of information for decision-making within organizations. Do you already have someone on your team who is capable of transforming all your raw data into valuable information that allows you to make these informed decisions?

These insights are a key point so your organization can direct its efforts correctly and allow you to make the right decisions.

At EZOWA India, our data engineers are highly experienced in the latest data management trends, which has enabled several of our clients to grow and increase their sales through data analysis.

Not sure how to work your data? Don’t worry, we can advise you at no cost.

How could Data Engineering benefit you?


Your decision-making process will be more efficient. You can also have opportunity-analysis.


You can analyse if the actions you took are being effective or not, which will tell you if there are unnecessary investments or if you need to redirect your efforts elsewhere.


Analysing the pattern of your consumers allows you to create more effective and appropriate communications based on user behaviour.

What services can we provide?

Data Pipelines

Automate the movement and transformation of data based on customer needs.

Data Lakes

A repository of raw data that is kept there for as long as necessary.

Data Mining

It’s the process of data extraction that will allow you to establish trends and hidden patterns for decision making.

Automated Reports

Automation of reports based on your data that will allow you to evaluate the results of the action you are carrying out.


Move, reform, and debug data and then load it into a data warehouse that will allow you to analyze information more efficiently.

We work with the following technologies

Apache Spark



Power BI


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don’t worry, we adapt to the needs of our clients. Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you to see if there’s room to collaborate!